Totem Quartz

Manufacturer of Engineered Stone by Breton Technology

Product Sizes and Technical Data

Cut To shape

The unique peculiarity of the hard constructive elements can create a Special particularity.

Another privilege of Falat Sang Asia production line is CNC system to cut-to-size, which enables our customers to enjoy our products in whatever shapes, forms and designs they desire.

Product Sizes and Technical Data

Slab size 304x124x1.2   cm
304x144x1.2   cm
304x144x2      cm
304x144x3      cm
Tile Size 30x30x1.2       cm
40x40x1.2       cm
60x60x1.2       cm
30x60x1.2       cm
40x60x1.2       cm

12 mm thicknesses are suitable for wall paneling and flooring, 20 and 30 thicknesses for various quartz countertops as bathroom vanity tops, kitchen countertops, tabletops and stairs.


In case cutting process is needed, choose appropriate size of slabs considering your cutting size selection for reducing the wastages...

Technical Data of the Totem Quartz Products

Test Type Standard Unit Range of Value
Water absorption EN 14617-1 % by Weight  <0.08%
Flexural strength EN 14617-2 Mpa 30-60
Compressive  strength EN 14617-15 Mpa 150-220
Surface scratch hardness EN 101 Mohs 07-6
Resistance to deep abrasion EN 14617-4 mm 29±3
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion EN 14617-11 m/m°c 20-30*10-6
Resistance to chemicals(Acids) EN 14617-10 - C4
Surface slip resistance DIN 51130 - 400 Hond / R9
Frost resistance EN 14617-5 -  Acoording to Standard
Impact Resistance (thickness=20mm) EN 14617-9 Joule 5±2
Electrical resistivity EN 14617-13 Ω >4* 1011
 fire Resistance to DIN 4102 -

Class B1

EN 13501-1

Class B

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